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Spring...April Fools! We were enjoying some nice warm, sunny days lately. Obviously so have the spiders, but this morning winter is returning and exposing the hard work of these 8-legged neighbours. Jim Smith
I wandered along the Goat River yesterday and found this interesting seam of ice in the river. The rock-hard snow made for easy walking so it was a great way to spend the afternoon. Jim Smith
This is a fabulous winter for snowshoeing the Ancient Cedar trail near the Kootenay Pass. Lot's of big trees and animal tracks. The easy access makes a very nice half-day trip. Jim Smith
A beautiful sunset on New Years Day is a wonderful way to start 2018. Happy New Year to everyone! We look forward to another year in the majesty of the mountains. Jim Smith
We wish you a Merry Christmas and may the peace and wonder of our wild mountains be with you in the New Year. Jim Smith
A client recently asked how certain sizes of photos would go together to fit a wall space. So Howard created this mock-up for her. It really helped her decide what to do. It's a wonderful tool. Jim Smith
Fresh snow on young cedar branches always draws me in. I found these while out for a hike this morning. Fresh forest air, new snow, and intimate scenes are rewards of getting outside. Jim Smith
An old cedar snag on our trail system has some interesting characteristics. The yellow lichen and green moss contrast with the black charcoal. We like this intimate scene everytime we pass by. Jim Smith