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With the stretch of warm, sunny weather we've been having the past couple weeks the wildflowers are exploding at lower elevations. Like photographer Freeman Patterson, we have a wonderful wildflower acreage. The Calyspo orchids, Oregon grape and trillium are blooming in the woodlands.

Macro lenses and tripods are the order of the day. It's so much fun working to get just the right shot to show off these beauties. Knee pads are an essential part of the equipment. Without them it limits the time we can spend down low. And the live view on 3" LCD screens is such a relief on the eyes compared to looking through a view finder!!

We also enjoy trying different compositions to give a unique perspective to the photos. The quality of the background is as important to the image as the subject itself. Often times we use a wide lens aperture to blur the background (bokeh). That creates a dreamy abstract image. Light in the forest changes fast, consequently we are moving to different flowers quite often to catch the "right" light.