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Fly me to the Moon (Limited Edition)

We spent two days looking for landscape photos in the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area. The first morning we were having coffee after an early morning shoot when some geese flew past the moon. We thought, "there would be a good shot, especially with some nice cirrus clouds". The second morning three small circus clouds floated in the southern sky. Howard said, "they are heading in the right direction". So I set up the tripod and camera, adjusted the settings and stood for a few minutes. I was thinking "what's the chance of geese flying into this scene"? I almost moved to a different location to photograph anything passing on the river. Suddenly Howard said, "Dad there are geese coming!!" They headed straight for the cirrus cloud and the moon. I started shooting - about 15 frames. This is the one with the geese in a perfect position. We were elated that the convergence of clouds, moon, and geese had actually happened!

Offered in a limited edition run of 30, which includes all sizes and mediums (canvas, fine art paper). Therefore, a total of 30 prints will be made of this photograph.

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Jim Smith
Photographer Jim Smith
Photograph reference #57.
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