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Father and son photographers Jim and Howard Smith live in the Creston Valley of southeastern BC. Their images strive to relate the magnificence and wonder of our mountain landscape. They sell fine art prints of their photos on this website.

Jim Smith ā€“ photographer

Iā€™m privileged to have spent over 40 years in the mountains as a professional forester. My sense of awe, joy and belonging in the natural world has deep roots. Now, fine art photography is a way to express that strong connection and share it with others. My hope is that our work inspires you and that it brings you joy, peace and enhances your love of the natural world.

Howard Smith ā€“ photographer

I draw inspiration from alpine landscapes like the Purcell mountains in southeastern BC. The sublime beauty of racing clouds, massive glaciers, delicate meadows and magnificent mountains form the backdrop to my photography. My approach is about spending time, days or weeks, in a remote area observing the play of light across the landscape. In time, the spirit of the place starts to reveal itself. My hope is that this work brings beauty and inspiration into your life.


We're passionate about photographing and caring for the beautiful mountains of the Kootenays. We live here, it's our home!

Spending time in the mountains is the way we get to know them intimately, often revisiting a place many times.

In order to do that we backpack for most of our photography.

We camp for several days in each location.

That gives us plenty of time to get to know a place.

Day hiking with light weight packs allows us the freedom to explore.

We strive to create images that express the inspiration and wonder we experience being in the wild.

Waiting patiently for the right light sometimes takes days. Intimacy grows at times like these and we begin to very much feel at home in the landscape.

We respect this beautiful world and practice low impact travel.

Part of our motivation is to encourage you to experience the mountains too!

We sell fine art prints of the photographs you see in the Gallery section of this website.

About the Prints

"...the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things."
Mary Oliver in her poem "Wild Geese"