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One door closes and another opens. Sometimes it's better... Tanglefoot Lake!

That happened to us last week when we couldn't find part of the trail leading to some alpine lakes we'd planned to photograph on a 5-day backpacking trip. What a frustration after spending hours and lots of energy looking for the last part of the trail. But it turned out to be a wonderful thing.

After retreating back to the camper we had a look at Janice Strong's excellent "Mountain Footsteps" hiking guide and found an alternative trip that she lists as her "favorite hike" in all the East Kootenay. That impressed us and it was close to where we were. So on the afternoon of our second day, we drove to the trailhead for Tanglefoot Lake.

The trail is well constructed, although hampered somewhat by avalanche debris from this past winter, and a pleasure to hike. After about 3.5 km we stood on Tanglefoot pass gazing down onto the lake and basin beyond. What a wonderful place! Just what we were looking for.

It's fun to explore a new area. Having done this many times now, we know the place will slowly reveal it's beauty. That's part of the adventure and excitement. The timing was just right as the wildflowers were beginning to reach their peak. Five days of wandering the basin provided some good opportunities. In fact, it's so nice we want to go back - soon!

One door closed and another, better one opened. We're happy to have walked through the Tanglefoot Lake "door".

Have you had a similar experience? If so, share your story in the comments below.