Lockhart Beach on Kootenay Lake

We spent several days photographing the "East Shore" of Kootenay Lake. Spring is a wonderful time to be there. The leaves are popping, flowers blooming, fish rising, loons calling, snow on the Selkirk mountains across the lake and the water is so cold and clear.

Lockhart Beach Provincial Park has a great campground and beach. Lockhart Creek comes in from the Purcell mountains as a pure, pristine stream from an un-logged watershed - thankfully now a provincial park.

We couldn’t resist the tumbling, rushing water as a foreground where it pours into the lake. The scene changes constantly with variations of water movement, reflected light on the lake and moving clouds. When you casually observe the scene it looks the same from moment to moment. But it’s not! Every split second things are changing and evolving. Shooting many images of the "same" scene reveal these changes - sometimes not so subtle.

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