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Jackson Hole, Wyo and crazy antelope – We came into Idaho on Interstate 15 and were planning to go to the Craters of the Moon on the last leg of this SW trip. At the really nice “Idaho Information” station Sandy picked up some brochures for several national parks including Yellowstone, Glacier and Grand Teton. She asked how far Grand Teton NP was and I said it's just a few hours north east of here. So after discussing it for about 5 seconds we decided to go there for a few days! So instead of being in a crater we spent time in a hole – Jackson Hole. It's a pretty nice hole!

The second day there we were on our way back from the NP visitor center (the best visitor center I've ever been too) when we spotted some elk working there way up a short slope with the Grand Teton in the background. So we stopped and I got set up to shoot the scene. Just after shooting the elk I looked up and saw a small herd of antelope on the bench the elk were climbing to running full speed toward the elk. When the antelope passed the elk they spooked and started running with the antelope for a short distance. All of a sudden they stopped as if to say “hey, what are we doing running with these crazy antelope?” It was really funny.
When I got back to camp and downloaded the day's photos into the laptop I was surprised to see that I had captured the antelope running toward the elk. I was thrilled to have this image as a memory of a special event. Sometimes we just get lucky. Have you ever had a goofy wildlife experience?