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Howard P. Smith

Howard Smith

Born and raised in rural British Columbia, I've always had an intimate connection with the natural environment. As a kid I spent time exploring outdoors, building forts and fishing small streams. I feel that a connection with the natural world is more important in our present day than ever before.

In highschool I received a scholarship through the art careers program. While attending the Vancouver Film School I was introduced to professional digital media tools that I now use to express my artistic vision though photography.

For me, photography is about spending time, days or weeks in a remote area and really getting to know the place. Only then do the subtleties of beauty, small and grand, start to reveal themselves. The alpine environment has a magnetic effect on me, I’m drawn to the extreme conditions and the complex ecosystem that thrives in the harsh environment.

This website offers a glimpse of the beauty and connection to be experienced while spending time outdoors.

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