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Capital Reef National Park – Several years ago we stopped briefly at Capital Reef National Park and decided to return someday for a closer look. Well, Sandy & I have been here for 4 days and are deciding that we really like this park. In fact, it's becoming our favorite US national park. Why? Because of the tremendous beauty and relative lack of people. In the past couple days we've hiked canyons that rival Zion with about 5% of the people!! This place has got to be one of the best kept secrets in the national park system.

So we've wandered some of the more popular trails, both in cayons and on the slickrock. Either way the views are fantastic. Of course I've shot some landscape images but I'm really looking for more intimate scenes that you encounter all along the trails. Sandy wants a shot of an old, character tree with red rock in the background. As we were coming back from hiking south on half of the aptly named “Frying Pan” trail (the lizard pointed us in the right direction) we found an old Utah juniper with the red rock of the Cohab canyon in the background. This is the type of shot I am looking for.

So in the next few days we'll be hiking more slickrock trails and I'll be looking for some meaningful SW intimate scenes like this one. I'm excited to see what we find!