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The studio/shop

By Jim Smith   Feb 17, 2014

Since we bought a small Epson 3880 professional printer three years ago we've been printing, matting and framing in the house! Having photographic stuff cluttering the living room and half the storage space isn't a good idea. But that's the way most photographers start out. The ideal would be a shop/studio. So this past spring and summer we designed and built one.

When I say "we", I mean we hired professionals to do the slab-on-grade, the framing, roofing and electrical. But we did the insulating, interior finishing, siding, benches, tables and cabinets. It's nearly complete and we'd like to show you our new space. And hurray, the photographic stuff is out of the house....well, almost all out.

The shop has two rooms. The big room in front is 18X24' and contains the benches, most of the storage, a desk and a very nice assembly table for building frames. The back room is the "printer room" and is 8X18'. It contains the small Epson 3880 and the new Epson 9900 (44" wide large format) printers. As well, the room has a 4X8' table with paper storage underneath. That table will be used for drying fresh prints and stretching canvas on the frames.

While we're still getting things organized and sorted out, it's REALLY nice to have a dedicated work area with plenty of room. And the dead-flat assembly table is just great. ( I'll do another blog soon on that table.)


Tue, Apr 8 at 7:18pm 2014 by Linda Johnson
Sounds wonderful!

Sat, Apr 19 at 9:05am 2014 by phyl & fred
Wow! What a great workspace!

Sun, Jun 28 at 11:20am 2015 by Marilyn Smailes
I totally appreciate your love of what you do. With our son also being an artist I can appreciate all the different mediums and aspects of art. Yours being photography. Your love and appreciation of the outdoors shines in every piece.

Wed, Sep 30 at 9:18pm 2015 by Rod Giles
I really enjoyed meeting Howard as he came down Jumbo last week. Incredible work. Congratulations.

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