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The Bugaboos and Silver Basin

By Jim Smith   Aug 25, 2012

Four days in paradise seems too little. But it was enough to really get the feel of Silver Basin and get a good introduction to the Bugaboo spires. On the first day we put on our day packs and hiked the fairly easy trail into Silver Basin to have a look at the possibilities and climb the ridge to view the Bugaboo spires for the first time. The basin was filled with wildflowers (asters, anemones, paint brush, buttercups, etc). Hiking through the flowers was incredible! We climbed to a pair of little lakes just below the ridgeline on the north side of the basin and discovered the most beautiful campsite I've ever been to in 40 years of wandering the mountains. So after shooting some images we dropped our day packs and headed back down to get our camping gear. It was pretty exhausting but worth it. Over the four days we got to know the place and I hope captured its beauty and peacefulness. We were up before dawn each day to a shooting location and back to camp for breakfast usually by 9:00. The the main daylight hours were spent exploring for possibilities or resting. The evenings we were out again to catch the long shadows and golden light. The Quintet mountains to the south, with their huge glaciers, provide a stunning background to the beautiful flower studded meadows and little lakes in the foreground. As the morning broke or the evening shadows came on we were busy shooting - being chased by the light. It was a great trip.


Mon, Oct 29 at 10:05pm 2012
Just want to say I greatly admire and appreciate your work---it is inspiring to me. I go to the Corner Cafe just to see your pictures!! I've not yet been to Silver Basin but know the Brewer Basin well. Awesome art guys, Thanks.

Fri, Nov 2 at 12:56pm 2012 by Howard Smith
Thank you, that is encouraging to hear. We will be hanging "Evening on Mineral Pass", taken in Brewer Basin, in the cafe soon. Silver Basin is worth a visit - it is probably a longer drive but shorter hike compared to Brewer Basin. What wonderful places to spend time!

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