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Six days in Zion National Park

By Jim Smith   Mar 24, 2014

Six days in Zion National Park in southwest Utah. The weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny, so the locals say. What a great time to be here! The leaves are coming out on the trees and folks are in T-shirts and shorts! Wonderful!!

We're camped in the national park's South Campground and that allows us to quickly access the hiking trails in the main canyon. So in the past six days we've hiked most of them and waded the river into the “Narrows” for a short way. The multi-coloured sandstone walls are massive and some of the highest cliffs in North America. The scenery is stunning to say the least.

Most photography is landscape as you can imagine. I did my share. But the image I like best was captured as we were hiking down from Obervation Point – a 8 mile (13 km) round trip with 2100 ft (655m) elevation gain. Part of the trail passes through “Echo canyon”, a narrow passage that's almost a slot canyon. I was behind our group around 2:30 in the afternoon and as they emerged from the narrows they came out into a sunlite part of the canyon. A small maple tree was in a pool of light as they walked by. I had my camera ready and leaned against the canyon wall and managed a few shots. The red wall in the backgroung is probably 1500 ft (500m) high and provides a beautiful backdrop to the more intimate canyon scene. I like the silhoutte of the small Douglas fir tree on the canyon wall as a contrast to the bright maple. This image has the feel of the canyon intimacy for me.

I have yet to process some other images from this beautiful place so maybe I'll do another post when I get a chance to look them over.


Mon, Apr 7 at 8:01pm 2014 by Ben and Susan Foster
Beautiful shot, Jim. Susie and I enjoyed meeting you and Sandy in Kodachrome Basin. We stayed 4 nights in Death Valley, and a night in Capital Reef on the way home. Hope the remainder of your trip was good. Look us up if you happen to come through Boulder.

Mon, Apr 7 at 8:11pm 2014 by Susan Foster
I agree that this shot is wonderful! Thank you, Jim and Sandy, for being our first house guests in "Alice", our new camper. We must make it live up to "Alice's Restaurant" next time! Happy journeys to you both!

Wed, Apr 9 at 12:01pm 2014 by Steve Chursinoff
Echo Canyon! Splendid. We want to go back, after my black big toenail grows out.

Sat, Apr 12 at 8:27pm 2014 by ted yarema & Pat
Hi JIM, Pat& I were in this very same spot about 2 wks ago. Your photo really brings out the magic of this place.

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