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New format to website

By Jim Smith   Mar 14, 2012

We've modified our website as of March 2012 to better help you view our photos and make it easier to purchase them. We'd like your feedback.

What do you think of the large photos on the home page?

Is it easy to view the photos?

What about the number of photos we're showing....too few, too many or about right?

Other comments?



Tue, Jan 22 at 7:27pm 2013
I am so grateful for your patience, talent and dedication to sharing the beautiful surroundings we are so fortunate to live in. The artistic photography, the beautiful music and chimes are transporting. Thankyou for this wonderful site and best of luck in your continued artistic adventures. Your site is very navigable and the photos are beyond breathtaking. They make me cry. Pat Martin, Canyon, B.C.

Sat, Jan 26 at 7:22am 2013 by Jim Smith
Hi Pat! Thank you for your kind comments and encouragement. Yes, beauty is all around us if we have the eyes to see. And, thanks to you we have cleaner air with which to capture the beauty of our mountain home.

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