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Lockhart Beach on Kootenay Lake

By Jim Smith   May 18, 2014

We spent several days photographing the "East Shore" of Kootenay Lake. Spring is a wonderful time to be there. The leaves are popping, flowers blooming, fish rising, loons calling, snow on the Selkirk mountains across the lake and the water is so cold and clear. Lockhart Beach Provincial Park has a great campground and beach. Lockhart Creek comes in from the Purcell mountains as a pure, pristine stream from an un-logged watershed - thankfully now a provincial park.

We couldn't resist the tumbling, rushing water as a foreground where it pours into the lake. The scene changes constantly with variations of water movement, reflected light on the lake and moving clouds. When you casually observe the scene it looks the same from moment to moment. But it's not! Every split second things are changing and evolving. Shooting many images of the "same" scene reveal these changes - sometimes not so subtle.

So on our website we have several shots of Lockhart Creek emptying into the lake. We'd like your feedback as to your preferences. Take a moment to rank them and give us a brief idea as to why you like certain ones.






Tue, May 20 at 6:22pm 2014 by Jeanette Pasche
I like number 1 the best--I think the clouds give the sky more "pop" and I like the green trees adding color to the right side. I also think this picture shows off the quirky piece of driftwood the best. #3 is my next favorite. Again, I like the bright green trees in the middle distance, and the streak of sunshine across the mountains is interesting. # 4 and #2 are about even up. I prefer the clouds in 4, but the sun on the peaks in 2.

Tue, May 20 at 7:01pm 2014 by Eleanor Van De Bogart
I like #1 best, as it has elements to bring the eye around in a full circle. Then #2. The clouds in # 3 and #4 are a bit too busy, but I like the brightness of cloud and sky colour and foreground in #4, more than #3.

Wed, May 21 at 8:05am 2014 by Joanna Wilson
All 3 excellent. Like the feeling of the lake being fed by wild mountain streams. The 1st is my favorite.

Thu, May 22 at 9:57am 2014 by Susie Hammond
All are great, yet I like #1 the best for both colour and composition. Great work!

Thu, May 22 at 8:41pm 2014 by Phyllis Nelson
I think I like the last one the best because of that rock just barely hanging on before it tumbles onto the ones below. It also creates a diagonal line using the rock in the foreground. The mountains also have many diagonal lines. It's where the eyes go that make this one more intriguing for me.

Wed, May 28 at 7:03pm 2014 by Steve Chursinoff.
I luv #3 because of the good timing to catch that huge backwash wave on the right. Well done Jim. I've spent hours here watching the grizzlies on the far mountains.

Thu, Mar 19 at 2:03pm 2015 by Leone
#1 is definitely my favourite. On a clear day the blues are spectacular on Kootenay Lake and the snow on the mountains is a perfect contrast. I also agree the view changes constantly - it's so fascinating to live by a lake!

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