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Gallery Wrap Framing

By Jim Smith   Feb 19, 2014

Gallery wrap photos require strong, yet light frames. We think it's very important to build the frames ourselves to make sure they are strong, stable and fit our photos perfectly. Besides, it's fun craftsman-like work!

The wood we've chosen to use is locally milled, clear, kiln-dried, 3/4" pine or spruce. We're very fussy about selecting boards with straight grain which are free of knots. At the shop we rip the boards into widths of 1 1/2" on a table saw. We bevel about half of those strips to use as the sides of the frames. Beveling keeps most of the frame clear of the canvas for a nice smooth surface on the print. The other half of the strips are used for bracing within the frame.

We start by cutting the sides of the frame with a chop saw. The corners are mitered for strength.

Then we put the sides into our framing clamps to ensure a perfectly square frame, and of course, hold the pieces in place while we glue and screw them together. Once the glue is dry we put in the bracing needed for strength.

We then sand the frame to round off the sharp edges and of course get rid of the slivers. Once the canvas is stretched over the frame we attach the hanger wire and the photo is ready to hang.


Tue, Jun 16 at 8:58am 2015 by Tom Owens
hi all, i was wondering if I could order a picture in a tube for shipping to Mazatlan mexico along with a knock down frame set so I can set this up there . Thanks Tom Owens

Tue, Jun 16 at 9:15am 2015 by Howard Smith
Hi Tom, yes, we can build the stretcher frame for you and ship it and the print dissassembled. The price would be reduced accordingly since you will be assembling the internal stretcher frame and wrapping the canvas. I would recommend a framing shop handle the canvas stretching, unless you have experience with the process. Please email me at and let me know which photograph and size you are interested in. Thanks Tom. Howard

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