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We finally broke our photo fast (we're building a studio) and did a wonderful backpacking trip to a beautiful ridge just east of Bugaboo Provincial Park. The location offered incredible views of the Vowell, Bugaboo, Quintet and Septet ranges. WOW!!! We had planned on only 5 days there but it was so huge and the photo opportunities so good we stayed much longer. I came back on Aug 5th and Howard is still up there as of this writing.

We have yet to process our photos, but I did one B&W conversion of an old larch perched on a narrow ridge overlooking the Bugaboos to post as a photo on this blog. I specifically took a number of these shots with B&W in mind. It's fun to visualize the conversion while shooting and the Canon 5D Mk 2 makes it easy with the built in B&W filter.

So hopefully we'll get a number of new photos up on the site in the next few weeks.